How do I use colors?

You can see color options on the top here: https://latex.codecogs.com/eqneditor/editor.php.

There are a few preset ones like DarkOrange that you can see there and apply via this syntax: $${\color{DarkOrange} \int_{0}^{4}x^x}$$. To do a custom shade like maroon, you can specify the RGB values: $$ {\color[rgb]{0.5,0,0} This\ is\ Maroon\ text.} $$

How do I use matrices? \begin{matrix} doesn't work. 

Try vmatrix instead, like $$ \begin{vmatrix}1&2&5 \\ 4&4&6 \end{vmatrix} $$.

How do I do spacing? Why is there an extra tab at the start of the first equation?

Try inserting a new line as your first command. These commands change spacing in increasing order, starting from negative spacing:
aba\negthickspace b\\
aba\negmedspace b\\
aba\, b\\
aba\> b\\
aba\; b\\
aba\enspace b\\
aba\quad b\\
aba\qquad b\\

You can use \\ or shift+enter to add newlines.

Nothing works! It says "Error: Please reload." when I try to use it.

After installing do the following

1. Go to a Google Docs file

2. Click Add-ons

3. Click Document Add-ons

4. Under Auto-Latex Equations, click USE (it will appear at the bottom of Auto-LaTeX option)

And it should work. Email autolatex@gmail.com if it still doesn't work!

The add-on says "Sorry, the script has conflicting authorizations. Try signing out of other active Gsuite accounts." 

The add-on requires only one email accounts to be signed in at a time. Try signing out of all other G-Suite accounts and trying again. You can also switch from gsuite profiles to chrome profiles as described here: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/2364824, or try downloading Chromium and Google Chrome Canary to put your alternate accounts on instead.

To help resolve this problem faster, put pressure on Google by starring the issue here: https://issuetracker.google.com/issues/69270374.

Why are my inline equations not perfectly aligned?

To make a whole line aligned with the equation, simply enclose the words in \text{} and render them as well.

Unfortunately, Google Docs inline images only allows me to align the bottom of the equation with the bottom of the line. Here are other possible workarounds:

- Manually select each image then select wrap text and center it on the line. Note that this may remove the link, which may make it impossible to derender.

- Make the font of only the equation smaller so that it automatically lines up with the top of the text, which might be achieved by making the rest of your document a bigger font, or by typing all your equations in size 10 font or so. 

- Render the text surrounding the equation as well, but enclose the text in a \text{} block so that it is not rendered like math. This will align the text perfectly with the math with an identical font.

As of right now, the Google Docs programming language does not let me center the image as an inline image, and support to change it into a wrapped equation is minimal, as this is a brand-new experimental feature. 

When I use a command like \[a \over b\],  the “b” is rendered smaller than the “a”. Also, sometimes, my equation is indented.  Why?

This problem is solved by enclosing the whole thing in curly braces. The LaTeX rendering engine can be in either "math mode" or "text mode", and it behaves differently in each mode. To put it in math mode (probably what you usually want), you need to start with a math command, like \frac, or else enclose everything in curly brackets. 

Lots of little things seem to work differently in text mode and math mode. For example, in text mode, the first line of text is indented unless you precede it with \noindent on a line by itself (or followed by \\). Also, I've noticed that some environments, such as \begin{tabular}, \begin{align}, \begin{equation} (and maybe some others) start up in text mode. In these equation environments, fine controls such as the \vspace command have no effect, but perhaps other powerful cross-referencing tools such as naming equations with \label and referring to them elsewhere in the document using \ref can be used. However, for the purposes of Auto-LaTeX, which doesn’t work on full documents but just small snippets, the power of these environments is lost, and even counterproductive. The moral of the story is to stick to the environments that are specifically designed for math mode, such as \begin{array}, \begin{bmatrix}, etc., and in those environments, everything works just fine.

Thanks to Graeme McRae for noticing this and providing this answer!

What?? The completely wrong equation was rendered.

Sciweavers has a bug where some equations come out as totally different. If this is the case, just re-render. If it still doesn't work, contact autolatex@gmail.com!

How do I derender all equations?

Click anywhere in the sidebar then click ctrl+q. All the equations in the doc should derender.

How do I render some equations as automatic and others as inline?

1. Enter each inline equation using the $$...$$ delimiter.

2. Enter each display equation using the \[…\] delimiters.

3. Render all the inline equations in the document by selecting the settings size = Inline and delimiter style = $$...$$, then click Render Equations.

4. Separately, render all the display equations in the document by selecting the settings size = Automatic and delimiter style =  \[…\], then click Render Equations. 

(Answer suggestion credit to Jim R.)

How can I make an equation over multiple lines?

Simply use shift+enter instead of enter when going to the next line within an equation!

Why does my equation not de-render?

Click the equation, then the left arrow key so the cursor is just before the equation. The image needs to still have its link!

How do I align multiple equations?

Do \begin{align} or \begin{align*} based on your needs and &= for each equal sign, and shift+enters (instead of enter) at the end of each line within the $$.

If you want line numbers, this is a known issue with Codecogs.  Try using \qquad (5) or multiple qquads + \quad (smaller) or \emspace to exactly set the spacing.

How can multiple people edit and render on the same doc?

If one person uses $$ and one uses \[, you can have two people rendering their own equations on the doc at once!

Are you COPPA and GDPR compliant?

Yes! Read more at our privacy policy and terms of service.

Ugh! Everything is slow and sometimes my equations come out wrong!

Sometimes, Codecogs is very slow and unreliable (if you try rendering on their website and see it, this is the case). I'd recommend emailing autolatex@gmail.com and trying again in a few minutes!

What is the minimum age to use this add-on?
There are no age requirements or data collection so it is safe for minors. You need to be at least 0 years old to use this add-on.

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