Auto-LaTeX Equations

Auto-LaTeX Equations

This add-on lets you automatically convert every mathematical equation in your document OR presentation into beautiful latex images! Simply enclose your math equations within $$ ... $$ and click the button in the sidebar, and all of your equations will be rendered in latex! 10 million users and counting!

This add-on has many advantages when compared to other formula editors or the default Google Docs/Slides equation editors.

★ Convert multiple equations at the same time, using any function supported by LaTeX!

★ Always render in the highest quality, using MathJax equation rendering!

★ By using automatic sizing, the rendered image will exactly match the font size of the equation! To make it bigger or smaller, simply drag the box or change the original font size.

★ By using inline sizing, fractions and other tall expressions will be shortened to match the rest of the expression.

★ If you want to change the equation after it has been rendered, just click the 'De-render Equation' button! Can also de-render all equations!

★ Type equations directly into your document instead of clicking to an external sidebar!

★ Change colors and font settings in your equations using CodeCogs LaTeX commands!

★ Only converts equations within $$ or \[ symbols, meaning you render only the equations you want to have rendered!

★ Actively updated, meaning YOUR feedback can help improve future versions of the add-on!

This add-on was originally created to combine the unique features of Google Docs with the elegant mathematics of LaTeX. The need was for expedited, real-time, and collaborative note-taking on mathematics, a feature that could not be found online. However, soon the add-on would morph into something far more powerful, with many diverse applications. It can be used by teachers to promote problem-solving and studying of students. It can be used as a segue into learning the delicate art of LaTeX itself, with a simple introduction into mathematical formulas before the complicated syntax needed to form a whole document.

Get the add-on here!

2024 Updates: Open Source!

Our code is now fully open-source on Github.

2023 Updates: Merch! Fixes! 

To support us, the best way is Patreon. The second best way is to buy merch! We have a shop with shirts, bucket hats, bags, mugs and more: here for the Docs Auto-LaTeX logo and here for the Slides add-on logo

Slides Fixes: It previously bugged when there were drawings and no longer does. It also now works for equations inside tables.

For problems or features you want to be implemented, email me at! You can also donate to our Patreon for extra perks!

2022 Updates: Slides!

We now have a Slides add-on! Thanks to Shreyas Rana and Howard Huang. It should automatically add itself to your account.

2021 Updates: More rendering!

Coming from Word's MathType?

Microsoft word recently deprecated mathtype, the only way to type equations in Word. If you would like help switching, just email! We offer most of the same major functions, and in addition:

De-Render All Equations - A much-requested way to undo all equations! Want to export the document with raw equations or change the format in the whole document, or edit the sizes of all of them at once? Just hit ctrl+q!

Extra Backup Renders - The system is way more robust to changes in renderers, and even if both primary servers are down the add-on should still work.

Same Delimiter Derendering - When you derender new equations now, they will have the same delimiters they were rendered with ($$...$$ or \[...\]) .

As always, to get this add-on and render beautiful math equations in Google Docs, simply go to our Chrome Web Store page! Click +free and accept, and you're all set! 

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