About Us

If you have any problems or want more features to be added, send an email to the developers at autolatex@gmail.com. Developers of Auto-LaTeX Equations include Aayush Gupta, Howard Huang, Shreyas Rana, and grimsteel. The code is open source on Github.

Docs Add-on

I’m Aayush Gupta, a student at MIT. I created the Docs add-on and managed development, marketing, and branding, and still update it to meet the latest standards. Email me at autolatex@gmail.com for questions and feedback.

This add-on was created to combine the easy to use features of Google Docs with the elegant equations from LaTeX. I wanted to create notes for our math club students and take quick, sharable math notes without learning all of LaTeX or signing up for a new service. Soon, the add-on began to be used in several different places, like teachers creating tests or helping students study and problem-solve. This add-on provides an easy first step to learning LaTeX itself, with a simple introduction into mathematical formulas before the complicated syntax needed to form a whole document. 

Maintaining this add-on is something I feel passionate about, as it's how I volunteer my time for the math teacher community. I relish the chance to give back to the teachers that gave me everything I have. Teachers get paid too little, yet are constantly bullied by administration and nationwide standards -- I hope I can rekindle a little bit of that deeper fondness of math with this add-on :)

Slides Add-on

Howard Huang and Shreyas Rana worked together to create the Slides add-on in 2022. Grimsteel updated and bugfixed the Slides and Docs add-on through 2023.


If you like the add-on, support us via our Patreon! If you don't use the add-on very often and just want a one-off donation, you can also by me a coffee or lunch via PayPal.